‘I had a dress at eleven, I used to play with dolls and things like that, I had a dress, it was like a black sequin dress, one of the aunts, gave me this dress and said ‘go put that on and give us a twirl’ and they all laughed at me, and I took it off and that was the last time somebody saw me in a dress until I came out in 2006….’ Christine 2013.

Installation view Galway Arts Centre imersive sound installation, 2017.
'I had a dress at eleven' - dual channel spoken narrative sound piece, gallery installation Galway Arts Centre, Ireland, 2017.

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Over the first year of their friendship, Amanda recorded a series of conversations between herself and Christine – where Christine described her journey to becoming a woman, from childhood as a boy in 1950’s London’s East End, to marriage to an Irish woman relocation to County Galway, parenthood, widowhood, transitioning and to present day. These interviews were edited and transcribed by the artist and then enacted and recorded into an audio piece by actor/performer John Nee.