Selfie Series Installation of 28 ‘selfies’ presented in 21 framed, digital prints on etching paper. Ceiling mounted speakers in center of gallery space. The ‘selfies’ were taken by Christine documenting her gender transition.
Gallery installation of 21 framed, digital prints and central ceiling mounted speakers.  I had a dress at eleven narrated sound work. RHA, Dublin. 2018. Photographer Paul McCarthy.

These photographic self-portraits charting her journey and transition over the past 12 years were posted online and shared by Christine, some within a closed online forum through Flicker which has a membership of over 3000 people. This sharing of images through such forums is an important and empowering step for many making this journey, and tellS the story of a person in an ongoing process of self – realisation. The photographic self-portraits range in tone from the painful, to the playful, from the mundane to the contemplative to the joyful. Carefully categorised, they document a very personal story in a semi public way through the chats, comments, conversations they have prompted online. Some of these photographs have been re-presented as part of this exhibition.